Are There Affiliate Marketing Scams Today?


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                          Affiliate Marketing Scams Today

 Affiliate Marketing Scams?  NO! or Yes!  It happens, but usually, it is less rather than more! Affiliate marketing is not often a scam.  It is, however, one sure fire way you CAN make a living from home!   You could run across one or two Affiliate Marketing Scams due to the rise in Affiliate marketing programs online.   Will it happen to you? Not if you are careful, but it can happen…….if you have don’t have any direction and some really good help at your fingertips.

You can earn a profit from home, just not overnight.  Spare time, part time, full time.  Affiliate Marketing Scams are pretty rare, but they do exist so caution is advised.  Just keep your eyes open and trust your gut instincts.  If it feels weird or odd it probably is, so get the hell out of there!

These kinds of Scams are when someone is trying to sell you training in a box, a point and click training or they tell you how easy it is to make thousands in just a few weeks if you follow their ‘methods’.  Right and I am the Princess and my Prince Charming is that Froggy thing!!

he smiles as he steals dreams in affiliate marketing scams

He will steal your money

The Difference in Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Scams

There is a big difference between being ‘Ripped Off’ or being tricked by these scams.  And many of us have had an experience related to being ripped off.   I am not the only one, am I?  The difference between scams & affiliate marketing and being ripped off can be a fine line.

Getting ripped off happens when the program or training/service or product is overpriced for what they promised you would get.  The quality and price just do not come anywhere close to those promises and you are left quite unsatisfied or disappointed.  But these are not scams.  Just not very nice people!

Generally speaking, Scams are programs or services that you pay for but never receive or get any of the promised returns on.  If there is a legitimate product that is a physical product being sold and received, it is not legitimately a scam.   The same apply’s to Affiliate Marketing Scams and training sites.  You get what you pay for usually and sometimes it is just a big pile of fluff and nonsense!!  Really what it comes down to is someone conning you out of your money with false promises.

If it is an Affiliate Marketing Scam we are looking at it is going to do only a couple of things:

  • Ask for you to pay to be a partner or member first
  • A training program that says they will show you HOW but really all they show you How To Do is market their site for top $.  (and I don’t mean a top commission)
  • Have no connections to Affiliate Partner Programs online.
  • No Affiliate Disclosure statements


To help clarify here are a couple of examples:

Examples of Everyday Scams

  1.  You are on your computer and a flashing screen with alarms sounding appears.  ‘Microsoft Warning, your computer is in Danger’  Call the number Below Immediately.  You call and you give the nice tech permission to enter your computer to fix the problem.  Now they want you to pay or they will lock down your computer so yo cannot access it.  VERY REAL!  Do not call the number this is a SCAM and this is your ALERT!
  2.  Earn thousands of dollars with Pay Pal!!  Send out $2.00 payments to 10 people and you will receive $$$.  ( not the exact scheme or scam but similar)
  3.  Stuffing Envelopes!  I believe this is still advertised and it is most definitely a scam.  To start with most if not all large corporations have their own postage meters and staff in their mail room.  The other is what you are stuffing into the envelopes is information about stuffing envelopes and how to make money from home!  You pay to get the materials to send out, you pay for the stamps and you just make nothing.  Somebody is, but NOT YOU!
  4. Get paid $25.00 an email for responding to customers!  Seriously?!!
  5.  Relating to scams & Affiliate Marketing it is usually those offering you business in a box or similar claims.

The Difference

That is just a short example of the many out there.  My purpose was to show you the difference between a scam and a rip-off.  Trust me there are many, many more to be cautious of.  Did you notice  Affiliate Marketing Scams was the farthest on the example list?

No, I didn’t do this on purpose or forget it and that is because scams & Affiliate Marketing are seldom seen.  In today’s market, 2016/17 you might find that you are feeling ripped off and getting no results.  Certainly frustrating and you do need to keep your eyes open but not necessarily a scam.

With Affiliate Marketing becoming more popular you will be seeing more Affiliate Marketing offers. Know this.  Affiliate Marketing is not new!    Make sure you can have a look around for FREE and make sure you have the options that will work for you.   Financially Affiliate Marketing is the least expensive and one of the easiest business opportunities online.  Yes, it does beat Multi-Level Marketing.  ( also known as Relationship Marketing)

relationship marketing or affiliate marketing scams is a fine line

Making Money from Blogging with Affiliate Marketing

You are going to be recommending products or services to others via a website or a blog.  Have you ever wondered how people make money from blogging?  I did and now I have the answer and I really like what I found.  You become affiliated with a company or companies that have products that are related to what you are blogging about.

With most MLM or a Direct Sales company, you must make a purchase on joining.  No choice!  You are either paying for a kit, product to test plus a back office and a website.  If this is not your ideal home business then affiliate marketing probably is.

Affiliate Marketing is the opposite.  No product purchases, no back office, no aggressive sales. Everything is by choice.  This to me is the ideal way to work from home.  You have so much freedom and you answer only to yourself.

They say the money will come when you LOVE what you are doing.  When it is something you love love love and are very passionate about, sharing makes it fun.  Writing about it is an honor.  The only thing you need to do first is learning how.  Not even as difficult as some pretend it is.

Are You in the Wrong Platform to Learn?

Like I said, it is seldom you will see scams & Affiliate Marketing in the same sentence BUT on the other hand, it can happen.  If you can remember it is not overnight and there are no shortcuts to learning this You will not be scammed.  Success can be yours but first, you have to start.

scams & Affiliate Marketing


So where are you situated today?  Is it time for you to perhaps get out of your own way and find what will work for you?  This might be helpful and it is free so you can test the water before drowning occurs again.

Seriously, it is the best, the most affordable platform on the Internet.  Free is always Free and you can stay free forever if you choose but you have an option.  And as a result, no push and shove to help you change your mind!  In addition, I even have a bonus for you should you want to have a look and use my link above or below.

Wishing you success in all you do.

Merry C.

No scams & affiliate marketing going on here






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