Affiliate Marketing is NOT the New Kid on the Block!

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What is Affiliate Marketing Really About

There seems to be a rising trend on the Internet Highway of Business and Affiliate Marketing.  There are certain people that are doing advertising that indicates this is the new kid on the block!  When in actual fact it isn’t new at all.  These people just want to get in on the moving trend.  More and more companies are starting to add this as they see it as a better way to get their products visible to the masses. They know this fast rising marketing trend is here to stay.

Others are not offering this, and they are the ones to watch out for.   The problem with this is they are taking advantage of far too many innocent people who are looking into Marketing online.  The reason that this is so popular is that your upfront costs to become an Affiliate Marketer are $0.00!  Yes, you did read that correctly.  If you are ever asked to pay a fee, buy a kit or pay to use ‘their’ back office it is not affiliated marketing.  The important thing to remember is YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!  You can purchase products but you are not forced to do so.  ( does this make sense?)

There are NO Overnite Success Stories

There are no up lines, no downlines, no pyramids and no need to buy expensive product packages!  Zilch, Nadda!  Nope.  What there are is simple steps to follow to do this.  Simple as in 5 basic steps.

  • Choose your partners in learning How
  • Choose a niche
  • Create your website
  • Get free traffic to your website
  • Help enough people find the right service or product they are looking for

Hmm, all seems pretty simple doesn’t it?  The truth is it can be that simple BUT it also can get complicated if you don’t know How to create a website or what the heck a niche is!  Yeah, I am not supposed to tell you that……

Just to be perfectly clear, Affiliate Marketing may have fewer steps and hurdles to jump over BUT it is in no way a fast or easy way to make a living online. When you see those words please know you are being lied to.  This kind of marketing has been around for years, and actually so has Wealthy Affiliate, but certain ‘guru types’ are jumping on the band wagon and want you to think it is new, easy and fast! They even offer to do it all for you………DO NOT GO THERE! ( If anyone has, please share your experience in the comments. We would love to hear your story and who knows, you might save someone from the same experience.)

no easy button in affiliate marketing

Oh Crap! What is a Niche?

This one had me going in circles for the longest time. It’s funny how I knew what I wanted to do, but didn’t have a clue as to what it was called or what I needed to know. That is until I ended my relationship with a certain platform that was costing me $150.00 a month that I clearly could not afford! I know, but when a friend says it is awesome and look what I am doing it is easy to follow suit.

Well, I quickly learned that was not exactly the truth nor was what was suggested to tell others to get them to the webinar! I just felt like I was betraying my friends not that I had many left after joining the NFNF club after one too many attempts at MLM. Oh, you’ve been there too? Great, then you could maybe relate. When I realized how much it was going to cost, and the jumping back and forth from one site to the other to learn, I just couldn’t in all honesty share.

I know, I know. I am supposed to trick you with all the right words and the fancy dancy website and capture pages and really hot videos if I am going to succeed. Well, then I guess failure would have to be my new middle name cause I just can’t do it their way!

Yes, there is an upside to this story and oh so good too! I decided because I just couldn’t JUST QUIT this altogether either, to do one more search and that would be it. I knew that people were making money online. I knew that people did blogs and were making a decent income. I just wasn’t sure how you made any money doing something like that.

I Found it! OMG Exciting! I will share that real quick, But first back to the Niche thing………and what exactly is a Niche?This is really important to know. It is in part why I didn’t know:

1. What I was looking for
2. How to earn a living working online

So, here is the best definition I have ever heard. It became crystal clear very quickly.
A niche is a distinct segment of a market, in other words, an “audience.” In the simplest form, a niche is really a group of people looking for stuff!  Your ‘Stuff’ actually, if you do it right!

So let’s use an example that most of you could relate with. Let’s say you are involved in an MLM and you sell skin care. Specific skin care. This is anti-aging skin care. This is a niche! Your niche. The product you have chosen to share and it directed at a specific group of people.

Another example is me. I am passionate about online business and teaching people how to make money online, how to avoid the scams or programs that are not all that and a bag of chips! That is a pretty broad niche you might be thinking but it can be broken down into several components.  Like comparison shopping and honest reviews.

Choosing Your Direction Starts With a Niche so it is really important that you love what you are doing and you are passionate about sharing it with others.


It Could and It Did

And that brings me to what I was so excited about earlier and what I found! It was for me the perfect platform! It was where I could learn how to make money online, like those bloggers I saw, and I could do what I love! It couldn’t get any better! Could it?

I found an online University where they teach you every aspect of online marketing and something I knew I wanted but didn’t know that it was called…….AFFILIATE MARKETING! I found Wealthy Affiliate University. The best place online to learn and grow an affiliate business. Which is not an MLM in any sense of the word.  It is a training platform that is so straight up honest it is like a breath of fresh air!!

Best place to learn affiliate marketing

Can you imagine for one minute that you can get started FREE and see what is behind this training platform? Well, start imagining because it is very real. You get to have full access to the back office and training! Normally for a free visit, you only get bits and pieces to see if you think it could be the right fit for you. Not at Wealthy Affiliate. The founders Kyle and Carson took everything they saw that was not working and turned it upside down to it did work and it could offer YOU more than any other online.

Affiliate Marketing Does Not Cost You a Dime!

You should never have to pay upfront for anyone to reveal the secrets of  Marketing!  YES, this is worth repeating!  There are some not so nice guys and gals out there, so be cautious.

Truth! You do not have to buy products, or buy a kit, or recruit your whole neighborhood or your family or pay for back office privileges or the best one, no forced monthly auto ships in order to get paid! This type of marketing is Passive Sales and the best place to learn just how to do that right from the beginning is at The Wealthy Affiliate University.

I knew within a few days that I was in the right place.  Finally!   Somewhere I could learn and if I wanted to learn even more the options were there and right in front of me from the get go!  When was the last time you were only offered one, just one, upgrade?

If you are not sure what I mean by an upgrade, but it is when you pay to get more than the basic system which may be Free, or less than the upgrade.  Most sites I have visited bombard you with more and more and more ‘stuff’ that supposedly make it easier or they convince you that you really really need it. Boulder-dash!!!  Have you ever had that happen and you are new so you think this is what you have to do!

That is not going to happen here.  Not on my watch!!  You will be presented with an option when you join WA as a free member BUT it is optional and you have enough time to get your training underway, meet the fabulous community (thousands actually) and see if it is your go to place.  I can tell you, from someone who has, that the option is awesome.

Of course, seeing is believing so do yourself a favor if you are thinking about an online business.  Take a chance, join free, stay free or take the options.  Either way, it is a win/win because you will be knowing if this is for you.  No more wasted time in your search for a home business.

leave a comment with your thoughts on affiliate marketing⇓⇓Just down below!  OR if you are shy, maybe you would like to join the more awesome people club and share with one of our Social Sites.  The icons are here so just do the click and go thing.  Thank you for being here and if you are still here, get your cute little self on over to the Wealthy Affiliate University.  The link is above!!  See you there.


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