People are saying Affiliate Marketing Is Saturated!! Not a chance!

is affiliate marketing saturated

 Affiliate Marketing Is Saturated?


A lot of people believe Affiliate Marketing is Saturated, and with good reason. It seems more and more people are looking for ways to make an extra income online. If you think about how many billions of people use the Internet every day, I think you could agree, Affiliate Marketing is NOT saturated.

What does happen that gives you the impression Affiliate Marketing is Saturated is NOT knowing HOW to do this the best way for you to have the advantage?   If you are not computer savvy in any way then it is best you find some honest help to get you going first, and do your homework so you know you are getting the biggest bang for your buck so to speak.  You can find some of the best training for free OR less than $1 a day!  Not kidding!

Affiliate Marketing is done mostly by blogging and sharing reviews of products you are familiar with or have done the research. It is best if you have a passion for something and can find a product(s) that relates, which you can share as an affiliate. Let’s say you love cooking! You would affiliate yourself with products that are related. You can do this by being an Amazon Affiliate or ShareASale as well as many others.  Some companies even offer direct affiliate programs.  Usually, the commissions are a little higher as well so that is a bonus.

My Personal Search

When I was first looking for ways to make an income from home I have to say I went down that golden path of ‘make believe’ one time too many!!   OR, you find what could possibly be what you need but the costs are more than your pay grade. That happened to me so many times and I was honestly ready to give up.

That is when I decided one last search was needed…..and I found it!!!   It was free for me to try and then upgrade, stay free, or leave.  I knew within a week it was what I had been looking for.
Kind of sounds likes a sales pitch, doesn’t it?

If you are still thinking  Affiliate Marketing is saturated,  I can tell you NO.  Not if you get the right help.  And yes, I am talking about the platform I found that works for me.  Now don’t be surprised at the straightforwardness that you will see. That is just how it is. No fancy, flashy website to entice you, no try for one month for $1 so you have to use your CC. Nope. None of that stuff. Just get in there and get into the backend and start training ASAP. Take advantage of what you are given and make your decisions from there.

Is this for me?  I am still concerned Affiliate Marketing is Saturated

Affiliate Marketing saturation is only put out there to confuse you by those wanna be’s that maybe were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Ever noticed how we are easily enticed by a negative headline?  Thanks to the media we have been well programmed.  If it is about your business choices and how to make extra income for your family or retirement dreams, do the research first!  You owe yourself that.

When you see people posting on the Internet that has been doing affiliate marketing in one fashion or another for years you know it is bogus to even think affiliate marketing is saturated.  And even better, finding those same people using the same learning platform for years!  Uh Huh!  I thought you would see it.  I have a surprise offer for you if you want to know more.  But you have to wait just a tiny bit longer.

How does Drop Shipping Compare to Affiliate Marketing?

They seem to be a bit alike with just a few changes. When you are Drop Shipping you are not an affiliate for say Amazon, so you do not get paid a commission from Amazon. You are the seller or the middleman. You set up your Store Front or Website with products you have found to sell.

Okay sounds a little intriguing, but how do you go about doing all this? Sounds pretty complicated. In the beginning, it can be but if you again, like affiliate marketing, find the right help you will be fine.

I was being curious George as I had seen this drop shipping thing come up more and more so decided to take a look.  I found 2 sites that actually hook you up with the wholesalers and they have done all the research for you so you know you are not getting your products from a bogus seller. That I thought was pretty huge as I wouldn’t have a clue to even know where to begin.  They even have suggested price structures for you. You have a choice to set up your own website or go to a storefront already done for you.

No Inventory to Carry is what Drop Shipping Is About

Drop Shipping is becoming quite popular and once again, if you have some good knowledge of HOW this works, you could be in profit within a few months.  Do You have to purchase in bulk or stock and ship from your home? NO! That is what is so awesome about this. Your customer will make a purchase from your website/store and pay you.  You then, in turn, go to your supplier of the product and place the order, pay for it and it is shipped directly to your customer.

That is a basic understanding of Drop Shipping. So why Drop Shipping? You have an opportunity to make a much higher income a little faster than with affiliate marketing.  Your competition, like being an affiliate on Amazon does not compare.   A lot depends on you and what it is you like to do. If you like to post and chat via your blog daily then Affiliate Marketing is great for you.

If you want to set your storefront up and concentrate on traffic and sales, Drop Shipping is for you.

So that thought in the back of your head that says Affiliate Marketing is Saturated or is Drop Shipping better, is a good one. If the idea of a home business has crossed your mind these are the two most popular platforms to do just that. These are by far the least expensive ways to be in business. You can be up and be running in days because as you learn to earn, you can make adjustments as needed.

Here are three top-notch training sites I have found and use myself, or have done the comparison for you, so I know without a doubt you will be in good hands.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Everyone gets a Free Lifetime Starter Account with Two Free Websites, Ten Free Videos in Affiliate Marketing PLUS 7-Day Free Premium Access!! Upload a picture and fill out your bio once in!!

Wait for it…..It gets insanely better! Let me ask you a question.  Is spending $0.82 a day to build the business you always wanted too much?
Probably not.
Your chance to grab a membership at an insane discount is right here.  ( At least if you are here on Black Friday!  Hit this link to get in on the action.

And listen, even if it isn’t Black Friday ( wasn’t for me) it is still the best training and the best $1 you will EVER spend on a new home business.  Remember there are Billions of people using the internet daily, so you don’t have to worry that affiliate marketing is saturated because it isn’t.  But you do need help so you can stand out from the crowd!

you have to stand out from the crowd and then affiliate marketing is saturated is non existent

Drop Shipping Help


Straightforward help and support are online consistently if you need them quickly.  There is no free trial on this one unless they offer their one month for $1 again.  But that is still okay, as the price for one year ( which is how it is done)  is so low you probably spend that going out for your favorite specialty coffee!

From what I could see SaleHoo is best if you know how to set up your own website or storefront for your product.  They act as your middleman in finding legitimate wholesalers and drop shippers around the world.  SaleHoo has pretty strict standards so you know you are safe.

They also show you what is trending for the best sales to get you off to a great start.  They do offer you storefronts that are done for you for a monthly fee that is pretty reasonable.  Everything depends on you again, and how confident you feel setting up your own store.

By Far one of the best options for learning.  Others I saw were in the $500 to one thousand $ range.

the link to have your own eyes checking it out is here:


Love these guys!  You can join Oberle for free and check it all out.  You can get the free email training that is so good.  But, yes, sorry there is a BUT.  If you choose Oberle, and your storefront you must use Shopify and not your own website.  The advantage I see here is you have the support and your e-commerce is already in place so you don’t have to worry about extra costs.  Is the monthly fee worth it?  I think it is if you are really sure you want to give Drop Shipping a go.  Do I wish they had a Black Friday deal?  YOU BET!

Almost forgot……you can also buy storefronts that are all set up and ready to go that have been built by others.  Prices vary but wow!  Very impressive work with some very impressive sales numbers if you want to pay more.  Look at what you get below!

Here is the link to check it out for yourself:

Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

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