What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

what is affiliate marketing



What is Affiliate Marketing and Is It Worth Searching?

I am not sure where you are in your marketing search but I can tell you if you are frustrated at not finding what you need the reason could likely be that you don’t know what affiliate marketing is.  The misconception that this is new is due to certain people promoting it this way.

It is NOT new.  Actually, most opportunities that allow you to create an income from home in this type of marketing don’t give you a very clear picture.  It is important that you can understand the concept of affiliate marketing, also known as Network Marketing, how it is done and what is involved.

I don’t know if you can relate or not but for me it was an issue of who could I trust?  I had trusted my ‘online friends’ when they suggested I might like what they were doing because, because I was desperate and wanted to have the same kind of success they were portraying.  Or joining my offline friends doing MLM or Direct Sales.  It was working for them, so what was I doing wrong?  This is called being desperate to succeed at anything!!  And I was and starting to feel like a failure.

Do you know what I was missing?  It was in two parts.  Not knowing what it was that I was looking for and not having the knowledge when I finally found it.  As simple as that.

Having this information makes it that much clearer for you to make the best decision when it comes to you choosing a home business.


New to Blogging & Building An Idea?


Affiliate Marketers, Direct Sales marketers or M.L.M? These are all similar marketing arena’s because they involve people and trust.  Maybe you’re new to the online world of business or new to blogging or to the whole concept of network marketing.  Or maybe all you need is some help with your marketing strategy?   Knowledge will be your key to success.

Whether you are doing Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales or M.L.M, you will see your best chance for success when you acquire knowledge.  This is fact, not fiction.  And this review will cover that for you. Here is where you can arm yourself with the best training I could find to share with you and know for a fact that it is 100%.

<When I found the WA platform and started my marketing training, I knew I had finally landed where I was supposed to be.   This is the kind of training anyone in any kind of sales and marketing will benefit from.>

Founders Kyle and Carson


Kyle and Carson owners of Wealthy Affiliate Marketing






Are You In Charge of Your Life?


Is it time to make the decision to change what is not working for you?   Like right now?  What if?   Would you humor me and just imagine with me for one minute?………..What if there was….Online training that was the real meal deal?  No more ‘ okay now just one more course to buy’ or buy this today to complete your success.’  What if it didn’t matter what you were marketing because it can work for anything and anyone anywhere!

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing University

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

THE Training Platform

legitimate home biz is what is in the wealthy affiliate reviewcertification training for affiliate marketingbootcamp training in affiliate marketing




  • free to join
  • two free websites to build exactly how you choose
  • training in all aspects of building your site or blog
  • one upgrade only by choice/not required to earn or learn
  • support and security against spam,
  • direct access to the owners of the platform
  • access to a global community of 500k members globally 24/7 
  • weekly live webinar training

What would you think?  Is it too good to be true? 

YUP!! I would think that too!  Well, guess what?  It isn’t!   And just how do I know this?  It’s simple,  I use the same platform along with all those thousands of others.

If it was ‘too good to be true’ would all these people be seeing success in their own online business?  And would I be here encouraging you to join something for free if it wasn’t?  Of course not.

This is where your beginning in affiliate marketing should be and you will never be alone in the process.  I know you are going to love it and you will never have to worry about any surprise costs along the way either.  Why?  There aren’t any to be found.

A Few MORE Goodies Offered that are Free to try.

wealthy affiliate marketing                                                                               30 Free Searches


free site rubix websites at wealthy affiliate marketing

                   ↑Easy learning tools included!↑  Free Hosting



Be sure you do your own research before joining as a free trial member. Most sites will not offer this option.  So, I advise you to proceed with your eyes open.  For this reason, you need to consider doing your own research because what is good for your friends or even me, may not be good for you. 

And just because I LOVE Wealthy Affiliate University, does not mean that everyone else will too.  (Well, actually they will….. )


Click on me ⇓ Oh go Ahead!  It will take you to the best training ever!  My Promise! No, my guarantee!  Did I tell U it’s FREE? or keep reading……………….
wealthy affiliate marketer


You will receive an extensive step by step process from finding and choosing a domain name, to setting up your site on WordPress with all of the correct content and structure.

  1. Using Google Adwords as well as the Free Keyword tools on site.
  2. Researching and finding keywords
  3. search volume and using keywords to drive traffic to your site.
  4. Understanding the “reverse engineering” of search campaigns to expose what people are most looking for in various niche markets.
  5. Using these keywords to create content articles that will drive traffic to your site.
  6. How to use banner ads for relevant products that for your niche and content you have shared.

 $ How Much Does It Cost $ ( straight up truth)

The Premium Membership is $49.00 per month or $359.00 per year. The Premium Membership will allow you instant access to all that the Wealthy Affiliate community has. Websites, Training, Tools, Live Chat, Support, everything included is unlimited and 25 websites you can create.

If you are seriously thinking of starting an “all-in-one” home-based online business, this might be a thought for you.  so many people don’t know what they want to promote or don’t know what would be a good niche for them SO, getting started as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate makes sense.

It includes:

  • state of the art hosting
  • a powerful keyword tool
  • website builder
  • unlimited, unlimited training
  • community help
  • online support
  • best damn commissions in the business too!

I can assure you that you will never need another so-called guru’s expensive help and you will not purchase another internet scam again. There is even the 1-on-1 help if you need from the experts at Wealthy Affiliate and I will be there as well to welcome and help you.   There will be no chance that you will be scammed.  Is this not cool?

OH!!… There Is A Special Bonus!

You can join the Starter Membership, it is Free, which means it is $0. Once you join, the simple thing is to set-up your account and the system will walk you through how to join WA and I will get in touch with you.   The bonus comes within your first 7 days and you don’t want to miss this, even if you are not sure yet.  So, why not Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and find out for yourself?

There is so much more to Wealthy Affiliate that I could go on for days, but then you would be asleep and miss all the good stuff.  So, why not just go to my site where you can get started free like I said and check it out for yourself?

anyone can do wealthy affiliate marketing

A Wealthy Affiliate Marketing membership is TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME.

Ok, I can’t wait to tell you!!  ⇓This is how it works…

When you join the FREE Starter Account, I will be giving you a bonus!  Should you decide to become a PREMIUM member of the Wealthy Affiliate program in your first seven (7) days, you will get a 59% discount for your first month’s membership.

This brings the usual $49 for that month right down to just $19.

I am excited because I am sure this will be a Great & Fantastic experience.  In life, there are many opportunities that may come and go, it is sad to miss good business opportunities, so why not see what you have been missing out on by visiting the Wealthy Affiliate website.

My final Words

Owners: Kyle & Carson Overall Ranking: 99 out of 100 points



I’m Merry C7 and if you would like to learn more about this website and myself, you can go here.

I will be so happy to welcome you and guide you through your start-up.  Congratulations!


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