My Affiliate Marketing Journey & Your Super Star Status Welcomes You

           My Affiliate Marketing Journey



It becomes a little ‘extra’ special when you know without a shadow of a doubt, that what comes next is only the Honest Truth!

Sure, you could think that, but probably not, 🙂  Don’t you like how I did that?  I was there once so that is how I know.  But seriously what I am sharing with you here on these few pages of my website are what you need, I mean seriously need to have to get off the ground running toward the finish line of success.  You CAN be the Super Star You Should Be.

How Easy is it?  That depends entirely on you and how much you know about using a computer and the Internet.  Listen, if a charming 83-year-old gentleman can do this, I think you can too.  If someone who has serious health issues and must work from home can do this, do you think this next affiliate marketing journey might be yours?

there are no success secrets to online sales sites


One of the things I really love is that it is a viable option at any age, any circumstance or pretty much anywhere in the world.  I have a friend in Malaysia and two in Scotland ( we have virtual coffee every so often) one in the UK and several in the US and Canada. 

I know there are more but you get the general idea of the community that awaits you.  They are open and honest and share their as well as I share my affiliate marketing journey so you can gain insight or perhaps relate to our stories.

You are about to embark on a Journey in Learning like no other.  You can come on in for FREE.  That is correct.  No CC required.  See with your own eyes if this is the missing piece to your puzzle.  It was for me and that gives me double the pleasure of sharing it with you!


Two Scoops was my affiliate marketing journey

I know but think about this for a minute.  If you can’t have an enjoyable time putting in your hours for your Home Business then you might as well stay working for the ‘Man’!  I Love having two scoops ++ for a more fun experience!

Isn’t that one reason you want to have a home business you can rely on?  Aren’t you just so tired of working so hard and having nothing at the end of your payday?  It is a vicious circle BUT we, you and me, we have an opportunity to change it.  No one else can do that for you.  

Can I ask a quick question? 

  • What if there was no way you would not learn more than you know today? 
  • What if there was a way you could increase your earnings within 6 months and add it to your fleeting paycheck? 
  • What if you could, yes do this for FREE or if you want to learn as much or more as you can for say, A little over $1.00 a day! 
  • What if you had all the help you could ever dream of having?

you are not quitting, you are winning



Hello Starbucks!!  If you want to know how you can do this alongside a few thousand others, then please, I encourage you to take your time and view some of the posts I share here.  No, they may not be all fancy and without any errors, but they are honest and written by me.  It is my affiliate marketing journey so please be gentle, you might be next!  🙂 ♥


Get in touch if you have questions.  My Eyes are the only ones that see your comments or emails.  ( Yes, I have a contact me page)  I like being as upfront as possible.  Too many weren’t when I was first looking.


All kidding aside, this is not just another one of those home business, affiliate marketing journey opportunities that require getting knowledge and training before you move forward.  It is THE ONLY one I will ever recommend. 

Yes, you could go it alone and spend countless hours of frustration, lost time and probably money you didn’t expect to part with……or you could just check it out.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain!  How do you lose on Free anyway?? 

Yes, it is FREE to join and make money onlineaffiliate marketing definition

I am Looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the most exciting experience and affiliate marketing journey you will ever have.  


Merry C.